Confederate Monument, in Rockville

The Montgomery County Confederate Monument was dedicated in Rockville, June 3, 1913.  It originally stood facing south in Courthouse Square, directly in front of the Red Brick Courthouse.  It was moved to  the east side lawn of the Courthouse in 1971 as part of the urban renewal project at that time.  The monument is a six foot bronze statue of a Confederate Cavalry private, sitting atop a granite base.  The inscription appears below.  Linked documents include a brief general history of the monument, a detailed commentary on the symbolism and historic context, and the official website reference of the Maryland Military Monument commission.

Regional Historian Account of Monument and Dedication 

Detailed Commentary on the Symbolism of the Monument
from a Montgomery County Historical Society Quarterly Publication

Maryland Military Monument Commission On-line Information 
Office of the Secretary of State, Maryland


Charles Brewer Collection, Peerless Rockville

The original site of the monument in Courthouse Square.  This view is looking north from ground level in front of the Red Brick Courthouse.  The Montgomery House Hotel, in the background stood at the NW corner of the modern intersection of Maryland Avenue and East Montgomery Drive.

The inscription on the base of the monument:

our heroes
of Montgomery Co.
That we through life
may not forget to love
the thin gray line
erected A.D. 1913
1861 CSA 1865

Photo credit: David Hill

Confederate Monument in 2000.

Photo credit: David Hill

The modern site of the Confederate Monument (in center, visible between trees in foreground).  It was relocated here in 1971, as part of the Rockville Mall urban renewal project.  It sits on the east lawn of the Red Brick Courthouse, in Courthouse Square Park.  This view is looking north across Jefferson Street (rt. 28) in the foreground and through tree and the ellipse in the SE corner of the park.  The Red Brick Courthouse is on the left.  The large window is one of the stained glass windows of the second floor Grand Courtroom.


2006, Peerless Rockville, Historic Preservation Ltd.